Welcome to Community’s First Social Network

Behind This

Initiator and Developer

Pradeep Dabane
The person behind maliwedsmali, with ideology, developmental efforts and technical support.

Supporter and Contributor

Mr. S. D. Mali Sir
S. D. Mali sir is the first person who came forward for this social project not only they involved into this, they told to every person in there touch and contributed in terms of profiles for this site unconditionally. They always have been caring and curious for this project. 
"Our Main Inspiration Source"

Our Backbone

Sameer Mali
Backbone of Maliwedsmali.com and the owner of Perfect Computers, Vita.
Without Sameer and His Colleague Rafiq Sayyad its not possible to stand again
do need full.

Lets Get Involved

I can Donate for our community website

Yes! yooooha. Who don’t want funds but we are not accepting money for this project. We will let you know if there is any situation.

I can tell to my friends

This is very great if you can tell to your friends, brother, sister, any family member or even in relatives. This will help us to reach to everyone and our people will get benefited itself.

I can support to visitors

Right now we are developing feature like online support and soon we will need people who can help to visitors.

Be the Face of Community

We are motivating and giving recognition to the people who is participating in Our Community Work. Just be the Face of Community we will publish every contributor as an Our Brand Ambassador. Creating beautiful advertising and publishing over social network to approach people locally.

Feed the portal with profiles

You can make real contribution to this. Just Download Our Offline Form, print and collect the profile info from your Ruled Area (Jaha Apaka Raj Hai). You will be listed in Who we are page with the no of profiles contributed. And every Highest Contributor of Month will get Gift From MALIWEDSMALI.

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